Mr. Qin graduated from Qin Hua University with a BA degree. In 1930, he went to Paris, France, the most flourishing center for western fine arts for five years, pursue his study of oil painting. He was admitted by the French National School of Fine Arts and was lucky to study work at the Dean, Mr. Luiren Simon's studio for four years, He was also an honored France Fine Arts Academician. Therefore Mr Qin laid firm and solid foundation for culture and painting. We can say that he achieved mastery of essentials in Chinese and western cultures.


sketch "Naked"(1930)

sketch "Naked French Male-Standing Figure"

sketch "Sculpture"(1931)

oil painting "Naked French Female-Standing Figure"


But Mr. Qin had a broader vision and a more ambitious goal. When he was in Paris, he not only learned painting skills, but he studied western art history. He was admitted by Louvre School within Louvre Museum as well

as by the Archaeology Institute at Paris University. During vacations, he visited several cities including London, Madrid, Toledo in Spain; Milan, Rome, Venice in Italy; Munich, Berlin in Germany, Poland, and Russian to experience with his own eyes original paintings by western artistic masters especially those by the Impressionist giants. This laid solid foundation for him in studying western art history, broadened his view points in studying painting and nourished and enriched his painting skills. Mr Qin Xuanfu was one of the very few artists at the time who have both exquisite western painting skills and deep knowledge of art theory. It was the era, the era that full of astonishing reforms and the education the education that integrated eastern culture with western culture that nourished and cultivated Mr. Qin, who then became a famous artist and a scholar in art history and art Education in China.

The group photo in the Luxenbourg Garded 1931the photo with Li Jianwu and others at the Estate of Versailles徐悲鸿先生1944年推荐信

Oil Painting "French Young Man"

Oil Painting "Van Gogh"(an imitation)
Foreign friend's sketch of Mr.Qin Xuanfu

Photo of the painting "The portrait of Madam Kapanzie"

The oil painting "Court Lady"

Photo of the oil painting "Merry Go-Round"& The draft of figures in the "Merry Go-Round"


During his stay in Paris, Qin Xuanfu's oil painting "The portrait of Madame Kapanzie," was selected for exhibition at the French Salon and was highly praised by Mr. Xu Beihong who then recommended this painting in his letter to his friends. Mr. Qin's other two paintings, "The Court Lady" and "Merry Go-Round" were also selected for exhibition at French Salon, des Independents, where both of them were well received. As for "The Court Lady", the distinguished fine arts critic Shao Dazheng commented: the painting has a daring and unique design with solid modeling skills. This indicates during the study, Mr. Qin was nourished and enriched by paintings of classical masters and impressionists, or to be more exact he knows well the classical spirit in impressionist masters paintings

and was able to apply it into his won art creations; he discarded their focus on the pursuit of external bright colors, but at the same time assimilated in his own art creations their achievements in colors. "The Court Lady" was later selected in 2000 for exhibition at "China Oil Painting in Twentieth Century", was published in "The China- Art Collections in Twentieth Century",and in the collections of "Chinese Oil Painting in the Twentieth Century" by Beijing People's Press and Beijing Arts and Photography Press in 2001.


Another painting was also worth to be highlighted: the "Merry Go-Round". Xu Beihong mentioned in one of his commentary: "During his (Mr. Qin's) academic tour to Europe, he made himself famous in France with his "Joyous Wooden Beast" (a other name of "Merry Go-Round")". Unfortunately, Mr. Qin's original "Merry Go-Round" oil painting was lost, only the photo of the painting remained, together with an oil sketch of a figure's profile where one may still have a peep of the original.

It was rare at that time that three art

works of a foreign student were selected by the French National Spring Salon and Independent Salon in two consecutive years. It was no doubt a success to Mr. Qin! Based on the "Lin & Keng Galary" report, for the twenty-three years from 1922 to 1945, there were only 36 art works by those Chinese artists, who studied fine arts in France, were selected for exhibitions in French salon. and of which, three pieces were from Mr.Qin Xuanfu alone! This fully demonstrated his talents, his hard work and outstanding art skills.


The style of "Carmen" is quite different from that of "The Court Lady", where Mr. Qin applied daring and heavy strokes that made the sharp contrast of light and dark. In this painting, he also used large colorful brushes and thick drawing lines for modeling. In some places of the painting,

one can even tell, that the paint was directly smeared on carve with palette knife! The modeling was solid and the style was unconstrained This painting was also selected into the "Chinese Oil Painting in 20th Century".

The chalk draw "Naked French Female"

The oil painting "Carmen"


"Chinese Art Exhibition in Paris," co-authored by Mr. Qin and Mr. Li Jianwu in 1933 Paris


In 1933 Paris, Mr. Qin and Mr. Li Jianwu co-authored an influential article, “Chinese Art Exhibition in Paris,” published in the “Literature” Magazine in Shanghai.

In 1933, the Art Association for Chinese S tudents in France was found in Paris, where Qin Xuanfu played a leading role. Other members were Wu Zuoren, Chang Shuhong, Liu Kaiqu, Tang Yihe, and Wang, linyi. Mr. Qin had profound friendship with many of them. Most of them, later, became masters of Chinese arts. They supported each other and worked hard for the common goal to develop fine arts in China.  At the same time i n Paris, Mr. Qin also got to know Mr. Qu Beihong, and they then became good friends. Mr. Qu helped and supported Mr. Qin later in his development of his career.



The group members photo of The Fine Arts Association of Chinese studying in France.


the group photo of welcoming Mr. Xu Beihong



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