In 1934, Mr. Qin came back from Paris to his motherland China and worked as an instructor in Beiping National College of Fine Arts teaching drawing and the history of western arts. He also taught courses on French language and ArtsAppreciation in the Foreign Language Department at QinHua University. During that time, Mr. Qin wrote several art commentary articles for the "Art Weekly", a column commentary in Da Tong Daily News. The articles included "Article Review: How Can We See Chinese Painting?'" and "About the Last Supper by De Vinci". Those articles had profound impact on Chinese art critique society. In 1936, he worked as an editor for "Art Weekly". At that time he was already a mature art historian and critic, just as Qu Beihong said: "Xuan-fu is commonly known for his paintings, yet he is more known as an outstanding historian on western fine arts in China."


sketch “Mother reads News Paper”

The portrait of Bai Yang

sketch "Double Cats"


"About 'How we should judge Chinese painting"

"About the Last Supper by De Vince" by Mr. Qin Xuanfu"




During this period of time, Mr. Qin exhibited several paintings in the shows sponsored by Beiping Fine Arts Association and the National School of Fine Arts. Among them are the portrait of Bai Yang, Laying on the bed, Cat and a Young lady, Sleep, Double Cats, and other paintings.



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