After the Anti Japanese War started, the Beiping National School of Fine Arts merged with HangZhou National School of Fine Arts and moved out of Beijing. Xuanfu traveled with the school from the northern part of China to the south and arrived in Chongqin, a city in southwest of China. During the war, Xuanfu worked for several schools and organizations in various positions, including as a specialist board member of the National Art Education Committee under the Ministry of Education, a board member of the Chinese Fine Arts Association, professor and dean of the Western Arts Department of the National School of Fine Arts , professor of the Fine Arts Department in Central University, and board member of the Chinese National Writer Association.


Oil painting "The campus during the war"

sketch "Refugees"(1940)

sketch "Go to the fair"

the sketch "The portrait of Zhu Ziqing"

Photo of Painting "Yua Nan Villege Girl"

Oil painting : "Back Home"

The Oil painting "CiQiKou ( A place where the school located)



The Offer Document by Teng Gu, the president of the National Fine Arts Academy


Mr. Qin's paintings "Country Girl from Yunnan", "Go to the Fair" and "Back home" were selected for the collective exhibition by Wu Zuoren, Tan Yihe, Lu Xiaguang, Huang Xianzhi, Lu Sibai, Qin Xuanfu, Li Ruinian, and Wang Linyi eight artists in Chengdu, 1941.

In December 1945, Mr. Qin held his first personal art exhibition in Chongqin, China, and it was well received. Dagong Daily in Chongqing printed a special issue for the event and published many comments about the exhibition written by famous artists. Among them were Lin Fongmian, Xu Beihong, Fu Baoshi, Lü Sibai, Zong Baihua, and Wang Rizhang. In 1946, Mr. Qin Xuanfu went to Mount E-Mei and Dujiang Dam to practice. In December 1946, Mr. Qin left Chongqin to Nanjing with the University of Center Government, where he continued his tenure. And there in the same month, he held an exhibition together with Xu Beihong, Cheng Zhifu, Fu Baoshih, and Lu Sibai. In 1948, Mr.Qin went to city of QinDao, a harbor in Shangdong Province to get some experiences in landscape painting practice. The painting "Red Roof in QinDao" is bright and

beautiful in colors, with strong contrast and free, easy strokes. It was selected for the Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition in Twentieth Century in 2000, and it was published in the Chinese Oil Painting Collection in Twentieth Century. "Lobster" is another painting with rich and attractive colors. The sharp lighting contrast between red lobster as major object and the well decorated black tea pot as background, has made the theme more prominent. Strokes are free, easy and full of life.


Manuscript of Xu Beihong for the "Qin Xuanfu Art Exhibition"

The articles commented on Qin Xuanfu's exhibiton published at Dagong Daily in Chongqing Dec 1945(1945-12-9)



The oil painting "Scenery of Mount Emei"

The oil painting "Cloud Sea at the Mount Emei"

The oil painting "Scenery of the Dujiang Dam"

The oil painting "Qingdao Beach"

The oil painting "Red Roof in Qingdao"

The oil painting "Lobster"

The oil painting "Peony"




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