The photo at the Elephant Truck Mount in 1984

The oil painting “Guangxi Hotel”


After the Cultural Revolution comes the third stage of Mr. Qin's art creation. At this stage, the rapid progress and prosperity of the society and the stability of life stimulated Mr. Qin's enthusiasm. He wanted to get back the time wasted during the Cultural Revolution, and in the spare time from teaching, created many paintings. In 1979, Mr. Qin attended the fourth Chinese Cultural and Arts National Conference and the third National Fine Arts Conference. He was then elected as a member of the National Fine Arts Association. In 1980, he was elected as the Vice Chairman of the Fine Arts Association in JiangSu Province. The oil painting "Fireworks on the Yangtse River Bridge" is rich in colors, bright with lights and a magnificent landscape. In it, he did not make detailed sketches of characters but focused on the visual effects of lights and colors and the sharp contrast between lights and shadows. The painting well presented the joyful atmosphere of a holiday night, both physically and spiritually. Mr. Qin's last oil painting is "Imaged Structure" painted at the age of 85 . It is a painting with free, daring imagination. In the painting, there are magnificent mountains and falls with water swiftly coming down from the mountain, splitting high waves in the

little pond. With the magnificent atmosphere and hazy, but energetic features, the painting is just like a traditional Chinese heavy ink painting.


The oil painting “The Lantern Festival at the Confucius Temple”

The oil painting with pasted textile “The big Roaster”

The oil painting “Imaged Structure”



In 1984, Mr. Qin went to Guilin to practice. He only painted two oil paintings, the rest are all powder color paintings. He once pointed out to family that his powder color paintings and oil paintings are equally good . In his late years, Mr. Qin created a lot of monotype paintings. In the nineteen eighties, due to Mr. Qin's age, it became hard for him to carry painting case and go out to paint. He began to paint at home. He wanted to express in his paintings his strong feelings about life that had been calculated in his heart for decades and decades; his pursuit for truth, righteousness and perfection. He also attempted to experiment in his paintings with various materials, colors and skills. His paintings during this time have various themes, such as realistic, abstract, mysterious, and imaginative which fully demonstrated his profound cultural tastes and talents in art creation. In 1985, Mr. Qin held his third personal painting exhibition and displayed

170 paintings. In 1987, Mr. Qin was elected as the Vice Chairman of the Chinese Fine Arts Education institution. He was also a member of the editorial committee of "Chinese Vocabulary Encyclopedia, Book of Fine Arts".


Photo of Qin Xuanfu creating the oil painting "site of the Lushan Meeting"

The Monotype "Jiuzhai Creek"

The Monotype "Monkey King Fight with Devil Ox"

The Monotype "Spring"

The Monotype "Scenery"



The oil painting "a portrait of boy"

Gouache " a pair of white parrot"

Gouache "The fruit and melons"


In 1988, Mr. and Mrs. Qin went to the United States of America for a visit, and he held his fourth personal arts exhibition in the State of Minnesota.


In 1996, Mr. Qin Xuanfu held his personal exhibition to celebrate his ninetieth birthday, and with his personal donation, Nanjing Normal University Fine Arts College established Qin Xuanfu Foundation.


Mr.Qin at the donation ceremony 1996


In 1998, Mr. Qin died of illness at age of ninety-two.



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